Hi, my name is Veronica and I am the founder of TLCsquared invitations and Through the Years Collection. Through The Years Collection is a series of baby memory books that are "not so baby." The idea of these modern baby books came to be after shopping around with no success for my own children’s memory books. Three times I had to settle on a book instead of being in love with my selection. My searches always resulted in two options: either too sophisticated/plain or too busy and too baby.

      That is when I decided to make the perfect baby book. My books are classy and simple with a touch of bold. Moreover, being a mother of three children only 18 months apart (a setup I DO NOT recommend), I needed a book that was not so scripted or demanding of my time. I love my children, but I could not keep track of every tooth that came in and when it came in, especially with my twins. I was lucky if I remembered to feed them three times a day. My books have minimal scripting and ample room for writing, so that you can capture what is most important to you.


About My Event Scrapbooks

      As you know, calling myself a busy mom is an understatement. Therefore, creating individual memory books for each one of my children after their first year was not going to happen. Did I mention, I am a full-time teacher!?! Like most parents, I take endless pictures of my babes, especially on the holidays. But what do we do with those pictures? Organize them digitally or put them in frames! Yeah, right! Not when you have three screaming toddlers and a hubby watching football. The pictures go into icloud or in a picture box (in my junk drawer, to be honest).


      That’s where my unique scrapbooks come in.  These super cute memory books are meant to capture ONE event through the years. That way you can still have tangible memories of the days that mattered most WITHOUT the hard work.  For example, the Halloween scrapbook is meant to capture how your little one celebrated Halloween through the years. There is room for pictures and five simple questions to answer about their day. And that’s it! The book is put away until the following year. At the end of 10-15 years, you have a family heirloom to cherish forever.